Digital Language Lab

People in remote areas, unaware of the new techniques in language learning or poorly educated groups with lack of adequate developmental infrastructure found it difficult for them to avail sophisticated communication technology .Oral style of communication is still the most accepted and trusted mode of information disseminations and their spoken language a locally evolved dialect unique to the community

To guarantee an effective mode of communication internationally, English was and is the most accepted language. To harness this communicative skill with advanced emerging technology we have developed an internationally accepted multilingual software combining information communication technology known as the Orell Language Lab Software.

There are four basic requirements in language learning- Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing . Orell Language Lab Software is a combination of all the above four. Orell Software enable the students to hear the lessons aloted to them by the instructor. Each student can listen to the material at a level set by the linguist. Students can only receive the lessons assigned by the teacher. The lesson assigned by the tutor can be heard by each student through their PC's with individual headsets. The use of digital language learning system encourages the students to talk freely and loose their inhibitions while talking in front of their peers. Students can interact with the teacher without disclosing their names. The Language Lab allows the student to listen to the program stimulus individually. Each individual student's attention is focused on the program material being studied, ultimately increasing the attention span of the student to listen and analyze the content of the lesson.


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