Digital Language Lab Advantages

The developments in Information and Communications Technology [ICT] have played an important role in changing the entire context of English language teaching. Largely because of the increased use of English in the new globalized media and commerce, there is a major expansion in the number of second-language English speakers around the world, and a corresponding shift in the relationship between native and non-native speakers of English.

It is almost a decade back, ‘The Digital language labs’ came into existence with the boom of the Information Technology wave that swept the globe, transforming everything into "silicon chips," "kilo bytes" and software solutions. The language labs were also transformed into their digitalized version, which has made language learning more interesting, interactive and effective teaching language in the natural way.

The digital labs use the LSRW method of learning a language, which is the most effective way to learn a language. LSRW stands for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. It is the natural way of learning a language. An example is the way we learnt our mother tongue. Just analyse how we learnt our mother tongue. As a child, we 'Listened' to the language spoken around us. At the second stage, we 'spoke' in broken words and sentences for a couple of years. At the third stage, we 'read' some picture books. Even alphabets were remembered as pictures. It is only in the last and fourth stage that we learned to 'write'. Thus L-S-R-W is the natural way of acquiring language.

We speak our mother tongue fluently. Thus it is evident that this is the most effective and natural way of learning a language. In a typical classroom setting we learn language in a reverse order. And the contribution of learning the language by writing in a classroom setting is 30%, reading is 50%, speaking is 15% and listening is 5%. But almost 80% of learning the language in digital language lab is through listening and speaking.


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