Workshop on ‘Internet Tools for ELT’ Organised by IATEFL

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language has organised a training workshop to language trainers on ‘Internet Tools for ELT’ at Thoothukudi on13-14 March 2015. Dr K J Vargheese, the Asst Professor at Christ College, Irinjalakkuda was the resource person of the workshop.
The workshop was based on Internet-based Language Learning, the most innovative area in the practice of English language teaching and learning. Keeping students interested and engaged in current topics or activities is a daily challenge for teachers in the classroom. The workshop focused on the major advantages of internet tools that provide new possibilities for assisting teachers to successfully meet teaching challenges.
The development of the internet brought a revolution in the teachers’ perspective, since teaching tools offered through the internet were gradually becoming more reliable. Since, the internet is gaining immense popularity in English language teaching, more and more educators and learners are embracing it. Dr Varghese through his workshop emphasized the advantages that internet tools will provide students with a lot of genuine educational materials, can lead to learner autonomy, as learners can control exercises regarding the learning process and little dependent on a teacher.
Electronic things on the screen are presented in a way that they become more attractive and less indelible than traditional methods of learning languages. Internet based tools provide students with a possibility to use online references allowing them to consult electronic resources beyond those of grammar-check, dictionary and thesaurus.


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