Workshop on “Communication Skills through Language Lab”

BITS Pilani Goa campus has conducted a workshop on “Communication Skills through Language Lab” for the college teachers of Goa.

Dr. K J Varghese was the resource person for the workshop which conducted at BITS Pilani Goa campus on 14 January 2014.

The workshop was a great exposure for the college teachers of Goa to understand language lab and its role in enhancing communication skills. Dr Varghese with his extensive experience in English language teaching and as advisor of digital language lab explained about the vitality of language learning software in the current education scenario. He covered the benefits of language lab in increasing learners’ participation and interaction, which facilitates rapid comprehensive language learning, with all the four skills being absolutely addressed.

In the session he elaborated on the use of language labs and its unique features that provide ways to incorporate a variety of teaching material, to get better learning environment and to personalise teaching-learning needs to a large extent. The participatory atmosphere created through the language lab ensures the development of language skills, individual attention that a learner gets and the teachers’ provisions to monitor and manage students’ learning-growth.

The senior teachers who attended the workshop spoke on the new learning they acquired during the session and their plan to use language labs effectively, helping the learners to enhance all the language skills. The session winded up with the comments from the teachers gathered at the campus about the use of language laboratory in classrooms.


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