Talk on “Writing Skills” at the Orientation Programme for Teachers, Wayanad

As part of the orientation programme conducted by CIIL, Mysore for teachers of Wayanad District, Dr. K J Varghese was the resource person and delivered a talk on the topic “writing skills” The talk has been envisaged to induce teachers to give more importance to writing skills of students in language sessions. As an experienced professor in English language, Dr Varghese shared what all things a teacher can do to enhance the writing skill of students. Reminding on the importance of written communication in personal and professional life, he cited various methods and approaches along with examples to develop writing culture among students.

He said that a teacher who expects performance must motivate his/her students in order to achieve it. Stress the fact that excellent, thoughtful, and clear writing will be greatly rewarded. Let the students know that extra points will be available for those who make greater efforts to express themselves and make them understand that poor quality writing will bring the exact opposite results. “Good writing skills can help one come across as more credible and more capable than a colleague who often has grammatical errors and typos”, he added.

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