Talk on Teaching Written Communication Skills through E-forum

A presentation on ‘teaching written communication skills through E Forum activities’ was done by Dr. K J Varghese at the International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand organised by ASIACALL in February 2012.

Dr K J Varghese is the Asst. Professor of Christ College, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur, Kerala.

The presentation focused mainly on the impact of teaching written communication skills through e forum also known as electronic forum or internet forum. An E-forum is an online discussion space where people can hold chats in the form of posted messages. The talk emphasised the importance of enhancing writing and communication skills through this web platform. Dr. Varghese pointed out that strong writing skills in English come from continuous practice and determination.

No one is born as excellent writer. According to him anyone can be a good writer if they are determined enough. He suggested E-forum as the best way to improve the writing skill of students. He also recommended the extensive use of electronic forums for developing the written communication skill of learners.

He drew the attention of participants by motivating the teachers present at the talk to use E-forums which is more flexible while compared to face to face communication as it provides time to reflect and think and let both introvert and extrovert students to get more involved in conversations on various topics.

In the presentation, he highlighted the need for teachers to encourage students to use new technologies such as digital language laboratories, online forums etc. to gain more exposure in the language.


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