Talk on the Use of ICT in Developing Speaking Skills

On January 29, 2014, a National Conference sponsored by UGC was conducted at SNM College, Maliankara for language teachers. Dr. K J Varghese was the keynote speaker at the conference on the topic “Use of ICT in Developing Speaking Skills”.

Dr. Varghese in his speech remarked that technology has become an indispensable aspect of daily life for human beings in recent years. Information and Communication technology in the last decades has affected almost all sectors, especially education. Though ICT has gained trust among the teachers who know that they need to be at the front line of change, many of them are still unwilling to use ICT methods and devices in the classroom. Besides, teachers are paying little attention to speaking skills and give much preference to reading and writing skills only. Dr Varghese emphasised the need of improving speaking skills and new teaching strategies teachers can implement to improve the oral abilities of students using ICT methods.

His talk aimed to complement both the use of ICTs and the teaching of speaking skills in language classroom by following a methodology which distances from the most traditional ways of teaching a second language. The talk involved using the digital environment in classrooms to enhance different linguistic skills and audiovisual competence at the same time. To him, the use of ICT in the language class extends beyond its motivational importance to address key outcomes of the syllabus, and let students to become competent users as well as consumers in the target language.


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