Student and Teacher in the ICT Classroom

Dr. K J Varghese, as part of the International Conference organised by ELTAI in Chennai has presented a paper on “Student and Teacher in the ICT Classroom” in July 2013.

The presentation highlighted the use of ICT transforming teaching-learning process into a unique experience. He stated the several benefits of ICT enabled teaching to students as well as teachers. The speech motivated teachers to use technology in classroom to create their own material and thus having more control over the material used in the classroom than they have had in the past. He claimed that technology does not deskill, but it helps teachers to be more creative in customizing their own material.

He also stated that involving students in the creation of useful material as a part of a learning activities is a way to make education more meaningful for students. Instead of ignoring technology, teachers can use digital tools and resources to help students to become more creative and divergent in their thinking. ICT according to him should be used to aid the learning process and help students focus on higher level concepts rather than less meaningful tasks.

Emphasising the use of ICT in language learning, he said ICT gives the learners good exposure and real-life contact with diverse cultures of the peoples and facilitates children to access and research information worldwide. Using ICT, particularly email, blogs and audio/video conferencing, enables children’s interaction and communication with native speakers and other communities by helping them to use language in real contexts. Winding up the session, he said ICT not only supports and integrates literacy skills but also enhances interactive teaching and learning styles and offers numerous opportunities for creativity.


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