Seminar on “Development of Communication Skills through ICT for Employability”

St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakkuda has conducted Career Guidance Seminar on “Development of Communication Skills through ICT for Employability” for PG students of the college.

Dr. K J Vargheese was the resource person of the career guidance seminar conducted by the college on February 24, 2012. The seminar started with the emergence of ICT, which in turn resulted in knowledge explosion. The use of modern technological tools has led to the rise of ICT (Information and Communication technology) and now ICT is being used in a number of fields like, health, entertainment, games and sports, transportation, education, industries, fashion designing, textiles, agriculture etc. To develop communication skills through the use of ICT, a wide variety of digital tools and range of applications can be found to be used in different types of learning environments, such as distance learning, e-Learning, mobile learning, blended learning, online learning environment etc.

He explained some of the important ICT tools and applications used in the field of Language Teaching including computer, lingua phone, overhead projector, digital language lab, social media, internet etc. According to Dr. Vargheese, a language teacher needs to update with changes and ICT resources are the current trends followed in the education sector. It helps to increase the domain of knowledge in language with the help of e-journals, e-magazines and e-library. Students can also participate in discussions and conferences with the experts of his language to improve communication skills through audio and video conferencing.

The seminar inspired the students and prospective teachers of the college to update their linguistic knowledge and communication skills through the advanced ICT tools and resources that are easy-to-access and available.


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