Presentation on ‘Language Teaching through ICT in Multilingual Context’

The International Conference organized by NELTA from February 18 to 20 hosted a good number of seminars, talks and presentations on a wide range of topics related to English Language Teaching and the strategies & technology advances in modern language teaching.

Dr. K J Varghese, the Assistant Professor of Irinjalakkuda Christ College attended the three day conference and presented paper on ‘Language Teaching through ICT in Multilingual Context’.

The presence of multilingualism challenges the traditional view of language education where one language is usually learned before another as first and second or foreign languages. The presentation highlighted diverse forms and ideas to be applied by the teachers in multilingual/multicultural contexts. Dr Varghese through his presentation encouraged the participants to show respect and interest in students’ diverse native languages and to develop positive attitude towards their language and encourage them to engage in academic learning. To him, teachers should provide scaffolding to learn target language in the school context. The activation of prior knowledge, use of multimedia materials and different written texts, collaborative learning activities, extra-linguistic supports, providing clear and explicit instructions and many other instructional methods were emphasized in the talk.

Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA) organized its 16th International Conference from 18-20 February 2011 at DAV Sushil Kediya Vishwa Bharati Higher Secondary School, Kathmandu, Nepal. The Conference was a professional get together of ELT practitioners, methodologists, textbooks/materials writers, teacher trainers, etc. from all parts of Nepal and abroad.


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