Paper Presentation on “ELT through ICT” at National Seminar, Sree Vivekananda College, Kunnamkulam

Paper on “ELT through ICT” was presented at the national seminar conducted on ‘Language, Media and Nuances of Communication’ at Sree Vivekananda College, Kunnamkulam on February 22, 2011 by Dr. K J Varghese, Asst Professor in English, Christ College, Irinjalakkuda.

Integration of ICT in English teaching and learning process was the theme of the paper presentation. English language is essential for most people in today’s world, while technological advancements have greater contributions towards the development of education, especially English. As this global language is considered as difficult by non-native students, teachers always try to create interactive teaching and learning to develop students’ interest. Development of ICT makes the process of communication easy through internet, e-mail, satellite, television, video conference and so on. In language learning, there is a communication between teacher and student. As the example, teacher can use internet as the medium to give lessons, assignments, or other information to their students.

The presentation emphasised that ICT not only makes language learning easy and fun but also excites the learning content with real life experiences which make a learner more broad minded and humane. ICT enables student to go beyond the textbook to feel real life situations. He also pointed out multimedia activities such as storybook reading, listening to or watching audios & videos, communicative and language games have an impact on students’ oral and written language development, with significant gains in vocabulary development of ethnic minority students.

Winding up the session, Dr. Varghese reminded that neglecting ICT and digital trends would mean confining oneself within narrow walls so language teachers should try to use and experience technology in the classroom.


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