Paper Presentation on ‘Digital Language Lab’ at National Seminar, 2010

As part of the National Seminar conducted by English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI), in October 2010, Dr. K J Varghese presented a paper on “Digital Language Lab” The national seminar conducted in Delhi was for Oréll Language Lab Technologies.

The presentation of Dr Varghese started with the significance of speaking English in global business scenario and present competitive industry. He reminded the participants about the relevance of English in this era of information technology, where the world is enthusiastically growing into an effective global village. As English speaking has become mandatory in almost all educational institutions and workplace, acquiring proficiency in it is very important. The second phase of the presentation was basically on the emergence of language learning system to help people learn English at their desk. Pointing various types of ICT tools, he underlined the importance of digital language lab, which provide interactive environment for scholars to learn and understand the international language in the easiest way.

“Designed with innovative technology, Oréll language lab is an advanced English language software with multimedia content and live practice labs for quick learning. The software acts as a complete e-learning solution and polishes the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of learners. The biggest advantage of using language system is that one can easily access the contents and learn target language at their own pace, even without the help of instructors” he said.

In the end of the presentation, he highlighted the features of Oréll language lab and recommended it to the participants, especially teachers to improve the comprehension, vocabulary and speaking skills, and other linguistic aspects of the students.


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