National workshop on ‘ICTs for College Teachers’

A national workshop on ‘ICTs for College Teachers’ was organized by Christ University, Bangalore, at nodal centre in Trivandrum for professors of universities and colleges on 17&18 May,2012.

Dr. K J Vargheese, Asst Professor, Christ College-Irinjalakkuda was the resource person for the workshop on ICT. D. Vargheese, a strong advocate of ICT enabled language learning has come out with, of many, two major facts of ICT: first, the pace of learning the communication skills can be changed with ICT and second, the technological tools enhance the quality of teaching in colleges and universities so that the students can achieve their target of competence in English.

He also said that the collaboration and cooperation between teacher and students are important while planning and executing the teaching methods. ICT enabled teaching encourages the students to be independent in active learning and make them motivated to learn the qualities such as self-confidence. The changing role of teachers from instructors to facilitators needs to be understood first. According to him, the classroom needs to be transformed into a learner-centered interaction space where the pedagogy-technology integration has to be successfully executed along with instructive principles.

Winding up the session, he said that ICT tools alone do not make good pedagogy. The learning environment is the first and foremost one to be planned using the ICT tools coupled with the teaching principles. Teachers need to learn continuously throughout their life about the new ways of using technology for the development of their students as well as the latest systems of education.


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