National workshop on ‘Competencies of Educational Leaders’

A national workshop on ‘Competencies of Educational Leaders’ was organised by Christ University, Bangalore for the Registrars, Deans and Principles of Universities and Colleges.

Dr. K J Vargheese was the resource person for the workshop conducted at nodal centre in Thiruvananthapuram on July 27 & 28, 2012.

In the workshop, Dr. Vargheese shared his idea about professional educators and educational leaders who can contribute their effective leadership for the betterment and achievement of students. He pointed out that educational leaders exert influence on student achievement by creating challenging but also caring and supportive conditions favourable to each student’s learning. He also said that these leaders can relentlessly support teachers, create positive working conditions, efficiently allocate resources, build suitable organisational policies and systems, and engage in other deep and meaningful work outside the classroom that has powerful impact on what happens inside it.

Successful educational leaders develop, advocate, and enact a shared mission, vision, and core values of high-quality education and academic achievement and well-being of each student, explained Dr. Vargheese. He mentioned that effective educational leaders in collaboration with members of the institution can develop and endorse a vision for the school for the successful academic development of each child and on instructional and organizational practices that promote such success. ‘The educator should strategically develop, implement, and evaluate actions to accomplish the vision for the institution. Also review the school’s mission and vision and adjust them to changing prospects and opportunities for the institution, and changing needs of students’, he pointed out.

Concluding the session, he said an effective academic leader needs to develop shared understanding of and commitment to mission, vision, and core values within the institution and the community.


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