Live Lecture on ‘ELT’ for the college students of Kerala

A live lecture was delivered by Dr. KJ Vargheese for college students on ELT at Edusat Studio at GSC Campus, Thiruvananthapuram on October 18, 2012.

Language teaching is evolving all the time, particularly alongside advances in technology. But what changes have had the biggest impact on teachers in recent years? This was the first question Dr. Vargheese asked the audience.

The lecture gave students awareness to study the principles of language and communication, and practise English language teaching, while incorporating courses from a variety of other subject pathways. The class was combined with academic study of language and communication with practical training in English language teaching (ELT). It prepared students for a wide range of career opportunities from education.

According to Dr. Vargheese, to become an instructor of English as a foreign language, it is necessary to have knowledge of teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques, together with background knowledge in language acquisition and sound assessment practices. In the lecture, he introduced various traditional and technology-enhanced methods for teaching and English as a foreign/second language. He also urged the students to explore the nature and mechanics of the English language and to practise regularly to tame it.


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