Lecture on ‘Language and Computers”

As part of the extension lectures conducted at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Dr. K J Varghese, Professor in English, Christ College-Irinjalakkuda, delivered a talk on “Language and Computers” in October 2010.

The speech started with the advent of computers and its advancements which paved way for better language learning in digital atmosphere. Recent years have shown greater interest in using computers for language teaching and learning. The use of computers in the language class was a concern to only to a small number of specialists, a decade ago. However, with the dawn of internet and multimedia, the role of computers in language teaching has become an important issue confronting large numbers of language teachers worldwide

This lecture of Dr. Varghese provided an overview of current teaching practices and researches related to the uses of computers and digital language learning tools in the language classroom. He said that the language materials in multiple media provide learners with essential contents to recreate and use language for themselves. Computer enabled language learning activities can encourage students to explore more about language and be ardent users of language rather than passive recipients. It also helps learner to be an active participant in learning unlike traditional blackboard and chalk setting, he added.

Winding up the talk, he said both teachers and students are equally benefited with computer and the different software programs added in it to promote language learning in a flexible and collaborative atmosphere, thus easing the work of instructor.


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