Keynote Speech Delivered on ‘Language & Technology’ at International Conference

The University Grants Commission (UGC) hosted an International Conference on Language and Technology at Malabar Christian College on Dec 6 &7, 2013. Dr. K J Varghese, the English Professor of Irinjalakkuda Christ College and advisor and consultant of digital language lab delivered the keynote speech at the conference emphasising the importance of language learning technologies.

Dr Varghese’s overall address focussed on the significance of technology enabled language learning and its benefits. He also covered areas of Information and Communication Technology resources in English teaching-learning process and the effective use of modern technology in this digital era. He also shed light on the various language learning aids such as digital language lab, mobile applications and multimedia resources for better learning experience and teaching.

Encouraging the new technologies in language teaching, Dr. Varghese inspired the teachers and learners gathered in the conference hall to make the best possible of language learning technologies and advanced technology devices for achieving greater proficiency in English language and its nuances as well as the variations occur in phonetic, morphological, syntactic and other features.

He briefed the speech saying technology as a means to extend man's reach is very much connected to language, in the sense that both natural languages and technologies will be vital in enabling us to do all kinds of things in almost any area of human activity. He said language and technology works together for a common good and English is a language used in that system globally.


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