Keynote Address at English Association Inauguration

As part of the English Association Inauguration at St. Mary’s College, Thrissur on January 13, 2015, Dr K J Varghese, the Assistant Professor of Christ College, Irinjalakkuda delivered the keynote address emphasising the importance of developing English language and communication skills of young people connecting industry and education sectors thereby facilitating a better understanding of each other's needs and priorities.

In his keynote address, Dr Varghese talked about the significance of conducting literary activities and competitions throughout the year to advance the literary skills and language ability of the students. The speech addressed the challenges faced by non-native students in English speaking and writing and the ways to overcome these difficulties easily. He also inspired the students to think and dream in English so that it will become the language of inner being.

In his interaction with the faculty and students of the college that followed, he reflected on the importance of technology enabled language learning tools and innovative approaches in English teaching and learning.

Dr Varghese winded up his speech with a message to the students to make use of the all the available literary resources to the fullest. The inaugural function saw the St. Mary’s college auditorium overflowing with enthusiastic students who were waiting with bated breaths for the function to kick-off.


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