Invited talk on ICT in ELT through Language Laboratory

Dr. K. J. Varghese, Associate Professor, Christ College, Irinjalakuda was invited to deliver a talk on ‘the importance of ICT in ELT through language laboratory’ for the Heads of Departments, faculties and students at the Kathmandu University. The talk was delivered on 18 February 2015.

Dr. Varghese spoke about ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and its rising popularity and demand in education. The talk asserted the utilization of ICT in education to extend the prospective and significant progress in English language teaching and learning process. He also explained about the multi-faced application of ICT enabled tools and resources in English language classes. Whether the focus of instruction is to improve reading, grammatical rules, vocabulary or speaking in English language, teachers can use ICT methodologies to shape the language ability of students in the most advanced way.

He stated that the integration of ICT in the field of English language learning has made language and ICT two inseparable aspects in education. According to him, ICT tools are flexible, rich and interactive to make the language teaching and learning more smooth and effortless. The talk proposed faculties, head of the institution and students use technology to easily achieve the language goals. The talk also aimed to introduce lecturers and students about the impact of modern technology in language teaching and learning.

The talk provided a very exact idea to the participants about ICT, its benefits and significant use of technology in English language teaching for making language learning a very enjoyable activity with the help of multimedia resources.


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