Impact of Electronic Media on Linguistic Revolution

A national seminar on ‘Modern Linguistics’ was sponsored by UGC at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady Kerala from February 27-29, 2012. Dr. K J Vargheese was invited to spoke on the topic “Impact of Electronic Media on Linguistic Revolution”.

Delivering the talk on the impact of electronic media on language and literature, Dr. Vargheese highlighted the modern technological advancements in language learning and literature. As every new technology and invention brings along a promise of revolutionizing some area of our lives, electronic media also influenced language, literature and culture to a great extent.

The talk also emphasised the modern communication techniques and ICT resources and its impact on everyday lifestyle of humans. All forms of media such as newspaper, radio, television and internet are equally important in imparting linguistic revolution. Dr. Varghese stated that media literacy does not only mean to be entertained but to learn something from it.

He also talked about the extensive use of technology resources and its impact on human communication. Pointing out the positive effects of the media, he recommended the participants to make better use of electronic media exploiting all its good outcomes.


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