Extension Lecture on “Technology in Education” @ B.Ed. College, Muthakunam

Dr. K J Varghese, Assistant Professor in English, Irinjalakkuda Christ College delivered a talk on “Technology in Education” at the B.Ed College, Muthakunnam.

The lecture was conducted for the aspiring teachers to give idea about technology as a way for fact-based learning and for helping students to do a lot of the research using the internet and various tools. Technology as a means to enhance critical thinking and literacy skills, evaluating the legitimacy and accuracy of online content was the central part of the lecture. He also pointed about the necessity of teaching about the responsibility and accountability in the use of technology in classroom and beyond. Another important point was about the use of technology for collaboration among students and teachers.

He didn’t forget to mention the importance of technology and social media in education allowing people to share new ideas. The right use of technology tools and resources nevertheless has the potential to change education. He also said educational technologies can improve student achievement, provided that such tools are integrated thoughtfully into teaching and learning. If digital options like online environments are incorporated significantly into instruction, students get new opportunities to learn and achieve, he added.

Dr. Varghese winded up the lecture with an advice to the teacher students to think about more ways of how technology has improved education so far and how it can positively impact it in the near future.


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