Extension Lecture for HST on Technology in English

An extension lecture was conducted at District Centre for English, Thrissur for High School Teachers of Thrissur and Palakkad District on Technology in English Language Education, September 2010.

The lecture was delivered by Dr. K J Varghese, Professor in English-Christ College, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur.

The Lecture has been visualized to motivate the high school teachers of Thrissur and Palakkad district for the extensive use of technology in English language education.

By attending the lecture, the teachers of the two districts got opportunity to know about the positive impact of technology aids and devices in improving language and communication skill of students and to create interactive atmosphere in the classroom itself. Dr Varghese introduced the latest education technologies being implemented in language learning. Teachers were given chances to raise their doubt about the impact of technology tools in language classes and the scope of using ICT resources and aids in high school sessions.

The extension lecture was of great help to the teachers to understand the wide-range of technology tools used in language learning and its role in this digital era. Dr. K J Varghese successfully popularised various ICT aids including digital language lab, mobile technology and many other e-learning devices to the students and helped them transformation their basic thinking from conventional classroom teaching to the modern challenging technology-enabled language learning.


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