Course on ‘English Proficiency through Language Lab’

As part of the short term course sponsored by the Directorate of Technical Education- Government of Kerala for the teachers of engineering colleges, Dr. K J Varghese was invited as the resource person for delivering a talk on ‘English Proficiency through Language Laboratory’ The course was conducted at the Government Engineering College, Idukki from 9-14 July 2012.

The objective of the course was to familiarize the faculty with the importance and functioning of the language laboratory in language classes, to help teachers understand the importance of pronunciation, accent and other aspects of English language and to equip faculty to converse in English with ease and confidence. The course content focused mainly on spoken English, communicative English in practice, ICT in learning, pronunciation and voice modulation and effective public speaking.

As the resource person, Dr. Varghese gave a talk on the importance of using language lab in learning English to make it an interesting and hassle-free process. Language laboratory is a revolutionary tool that helps the learner to shed off all inhibitions that hinder effective communication, thereby bringing about confidence and self-motivation. The talk briefed emphasising the importance of digital language learning solution in promoting learners to overcome all pitfalls you might have encountered while trying to study English alone.


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